Influencing and managing stakeholders | How to use AEC DISC©® methods in transversal management?

jeudi 11 mai 2023
While working on a team or on a project it’s important to understand he complexity of stakeholders that you will interact with and might not manage them directly. But what does this mean?

Working in team requires a careful stakeholders’ identification and an analysis of their needs. Then you need to look at their level of power, ability and interest in providing support to your project and how much influence they might have. Following this line of thinking you would intentionally adapt your communication to different stakeholders.

This approach is well researched and documented and a part of Project Management theory but it doesn’t consider different personalities and different personal motivations of these individuals.

The remedy to that we would like to introduce you to the DISC methodology that divides personalities in 4 types of dominance: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. 

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Understanding where your stakeholders belong on the DISC personality spectrum can be a real advantage to the success of your team and your project.


Adhemis propose to individuals and the teams a personalised Arc En Ciel DISC©® method questionnaire to identify their own type of personality and their motivations. Once the questionnaire is completed by each person, we schedule 1-2-1 meetings between participants and our business coaches to discuss their own profile and its strengths and also receive a general briefing on DISC colour method and its benefits in business. Then we gather the team to work on their “way forward rules” and on how to harness their strengths and communicational preferences to benefit the team and project and how to enable them to read other team members and stakeholders.

Arc En Ciel DISC©® method workshop will allow your team to test and to put in practice new communication techniques and strategies to reach their professional goals. They will have an opportunity to gain knowledge and apply it in the real case situations from your industry.

We are convinced that understanding of the Arc En Ciel DISC©® colour method will help your team to categorise their stakeholders by the type of personality and their preference for communication style. This will increase team cohesion, the projects will run smoothly and your workforce might avoid unnecessary conflicts and miscommunications hence deliver projects on time and on schedule and within the budget.

Cohesion of your team can save you down the line time and money and increase personal satisfaction and effectiveness of your staff. If you would like to learn more about how Adhemis team can support your organisation and your teams, get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your needs and challenges.

To read about case study how the Arc En Ciel DISC©® method can be used for Teams click HERE.

To read in more detail about the Arc En Ciel DISC©® method click HERE.

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