How to bring your sales team to the next level?

jeudi 13 avril 2023
Read our case study on Arc En Ciel DISC® method training for Sales Teams to find out more.

Being aware of what customers and clients are really feeling, what motivates them and what their personality is, can transform a good salesperson into a great one. The best salespeople are experts at reading non-verbal cues, deciphering what’s said between the lines but also they would have a high self- awareness, clear picture of their personality type and how they are perceived by others.

Our Adhemis team have supported Sales Teams for years now in stepping up in their sales techniques, results and efficiency. To give you a better understanding of our unique approach here is a case study that will illustrate how Arc En Ciel DISC® questionnaire can make a difference for your Sales Teams.

Last year a client came to discuss their learning needs. What surfaced in the conversation was a current sales trends challenges in their industry and also the fact that they hired new sales people.

We quickly identified a need for the team to work closer and understand their strengths and to reignite their appetite for sales on more and more demanding market.

What we proposed for the most impactful learning experience?

We agreed on the Arc En Ciel DISC® assessment for each team member with 1-2-1 profile debriefing and group learning sessions, with possibility in person or remote, over two days followed up by “return of experiences” after a month of putting the theory into a practice. The client opted for 4 half day remote sessions to allow learning and also sales targets to be met.

Phase 1: DISC questionnaire and its impact on self-awareness.

Our participants were impressed with the precision of the Arc En Ciel DISC® method and had even a little laugh about themselves in the individual debriefs as they realised how they missed a sale due to not understanding the client’s personality type and motivations and not adapting their own approach. Another valuable lesson was to understand everybody’s profile on the team and see what are the strengths and weakness of each team member. It was revealed that some of the newcomers had unique talents that they could use for the benefit of the team; some of the experienced sales people showed also potential leadership traits, and finally it explained one or two personal clashes between team members in the past.

Phase 2: online training

Once the Arc En Ciel DISC® profiles and debriefings were completed the second phase of the learning experience was launched. It was a live online training with our instructor who used hands on studies and practical exercises related to our client’s domain to allow participants fail, then analyse what happened and figure out by themselves (with some help from the trainer) how to adjust their behaviours to ensure success, in this case to close a sale. Only after that we went through the theory to identify other solutions that were possible.

What makes this learning unique, we provide a safe space to try new approach and failing is a part of participants personal growth. They leave our training sessions equipped in new skills and mindset that learning is a journey.

Phase 3: return on experience.

After a month we proposed a follow up session for the participants in which they could share their successes and lessons learnt with the group and immerse themselves into a social learning. Our instructor reported that their role was rather of an observer than the role of a trainer. It appeared that the group took over to share their “sale wins” stories and also challenges they had experienced. Those last ones were met by a lot of encouragement from other participants, and stories of shared experience and some good advice. This is a strong indicator that the social learning will continue in the office naturally and it will be a part of their team support activities.

Feedback and results

Feedback from the participants reported increase in self-confidence and grit in pursuing the sale which resulted in more sales. The manager who participated in the training also reported a new and positive dynamic among team members and higher sales. Participants confirmed also trying new approaches and experimenting with their sales techniques to bring what they’ve learnt into practice.

If you manage a sales team or you are a member of a sales team, and you would like to get to the next level in your sales, get in touch with us. We will be interested in hearing about your challenges and would be happy to create a tailored learning approach for you and your team.

To find out more about Arc En Ciel DISC® method, please read our previous article.

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