Solutions to managerial challenges

lundi 12 septembre 2022
Managing a team is becoming more challenging in the age of the great resignation and shortage of talent. Regardless your experience, you might find yourself struggling to retain or attract the right people, or your team might display low motivation and get into regular conflicts.

If that’s the case, you should consider the following steps as a manager: 

Look at yourself first.  

  • Assess what you know and where are your difficulties, list them down and look for some blind spots. We don’t know what we don’t know.  
  • Look within your organisation and seek advice and support from your more experienced colleagues or those who seem to do just fine. Perhaps you can create an informal mentoring relationship with one of these people? 
  • Getting support in form of a regular business coaching from an external provider can be a confidential way to create a thinking space in your busy schedule that will allow you to focus on what’s important and identify your blind spots.  
  • Request additional managerial training from your Learning or HR team. We are not born managers, we become ones. Additional knowledge will help you to include, train and enable your staff to contribute.  

Then look at your team. What do they need? How can you support them? 

If you think you and your team need to improve your productivity and cohesion, take into consideration the following: 

  • Clarify the team purpose and everyone’s roles. It can be done with an external consultant to create a safe space for sharing and remove currently existing obstacles in communication among your team members.  
  • Implement regular team meetings in which people can participate and share their ideas and concerns. The research on psychological safety proves that when people feel they are included and they are safe to learn, contribute and challenge status quo, they are more involved, productive and creative.  
  • Organise team building event that includes all, think about those not drinking and also those with small kids (take into consideration timing and type of activity to accommodate the team as much as possible and simply ask what would be convenient).
  • Invest in the DISC colour method assessment for your team to understand your employees' type of personalities, strengths and motivations, followed by a workshop on how to work more efficiently together using new insights. 
  • Help your team by organising learning sessions on topics such as feedback, communication, transversal management, working with different cultures or emotional intelligence to deal with their challenges.  
  • If you manage a sales team, you can provide them with Emotional Negotiation workshops to increase their sales and confidence while dealing with demanding or not decided clients. 

If you would like to develop your team and improve their performance, you can also get in touch with the Adhemis team to discuss what we can do for you. We have an extensive experience in creating tailored-made solutions for managers and their teams with a proved track record of success. We can help you become a more efficient manager, reduce your stress, retain your talent, and increase your team performance, all this to improve your company’s financial performance and ensure business continuity. 

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